Additions and Remodeling   –   Additions and Remodeling Portfolio


Plans for Additions and Remodeling in our region are not required to have a licensed architect or engineer’s stamp.  For additions and remodeling, we’ll schedule an appointment to meet at the location of the work to be done.  We’ll then discuss your goals and share your ideas, sketches, pictures, magazine clippings so that we get the ‘big picture’ of what you envision your addition or remodel to be.  Measurements and digital pictures will be taken as needed so that a price for services may be calculated.

Remodeling fees start at an hourly rate of $50.00 per hour.  Additions are based on the square footage of the final design. Square footage rate starts at twenty cents per square foot to measure the existing space.  The square  footage rate for the addition ranges between one dollar and twenty cents to one dollar and fifty cents.  The fee for the Site Plan ranges between one hundred eighty dollars to three hundred thirty dollars, depending on how much site information is required.

Remember, there is no agreement until the clients says so.  And upon agreement, payment of 1/3 of the estimate will be due.  After completion of the drawings, the client will receive six (6) sets of the same.  If more copies are needed at any time, they can be purchased from Plan Service LLC.